We are happy to offer flat price for international shippingto make your shopping easier.

Shipping time

Delivery to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar 1-2 weeks

Delivery to the United States, Canada, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Malta is 1-2 weeks

Delivery to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus is 3 weeks.

Track your order

You will receive a tracking number after 7 business days to track your parcel online on DHL, EMS, FEDEX’s official website. Still, during COVID-19, shipment information updates when your order arrives at your country customs. Please don’t worry if you see that your tracking information is not updated. After receiving your tracking number, please wait another 7 days until your order will finally arrive at your country customs department.

Courier Delivery

Delivery directly to your door by DHL, EMS, FEDEX Courier. You will have a notification by phone or email from the courier company about delivery. Most of the clients have a personal notification from us on the day the parcel is bordered destination country.